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[Limit Removing] Quiet Stroll

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I liked this map and I found it more challenging compared to Hellish Breakfast (less health and ammo). But what's the point of having three green armors? Nobody needs that many. Anyway, cowardly demo attached.


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Just played through and overall thought that it was good. Only issues that I have is that some of the monster placements are little iffy and the level is a little too brown for my personal taste. My favorite thing about the level was how it looped in the area following the yellow key. My play through was on Ultra Violence and generally found that the level was forgiving but not to the point of making the level a cakewalk. With minor improvements I feel that the level quality would increase be a good amount.



The following screenshots I took on a second play through while in god mode in order to demonstrate what I am going to be talking about.



My issue here with the Arachnatron was that it is too easy to avoid and just as easy to kill. I find that Arachnatrons work best in groups at medium to long ranges due to the constant stream of projectiles that the player has to dodge.




I have a feeling that the encounter at the end was intended to be hard but turned out to be easy since there is nothing preventing the player from backing out the room and take potshots at the Archvile before the Arachnatron rises to the surface, same reasoning also applies to the imps that are active after the player presses the switch. I would maybe replace the Arachnatron with a Revenant or Mancubus and find a way to force the player in there until after the fight is over.




As a final note your texture work could use some improvement. The level has a lot of the same texture which in of itself isn't bad but would be improved with extra detailing that would prevent rooms from looking to similar. Another thing to note is that most people recommend having some form of border texture/detail that separates two different wall textures.


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Solid map, thanks.


One thing I really liked was the BFG secret. There was no plasma gun, and no other cells, so the secret only gives you one blast, as opposed to finding a secret being the difference between super hard and pretty easy. Perhaps a wee bit switch heavy for my liking, but no big deal.

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