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Posted (edited)

A WAD that I've made and which is my first. Please no hate. Originally it was supposed to be more ambitious, having 2-3 maps, but I've lost will to work on it, so here it is. The base WAD is Doom2. Screenies:



Anyway, sin't it weird that WAD files aren't allowed as upload format?


The WAD is to be played in ZDoom with vanilla Doom controls (no mouselook. no jump, alt-strafing).

Contains custom ENDOOM which is rather nice.


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Posted (edited)

This not a good start and already has me worried about the possibility of a Terry wad. The alignments too, for clarity. 

- Don't disable cheats. That is very annoying. There are a heap of reasons for someone who is giving you feedback to use those, particularly after the regular playthrough has ended and it might be useful to IDCLIP/IDDT through stuff to take a better look.

- Warping straight into the center of a point-blank shotgunner + imp + something else: the map is easy enough that I don't mind, but in principle, 'unavoidable RNG damage' like that isn't so good.

- 'Curiosity killed the cat'. It's a single baron in the open when the player is armed with only a single shotgun, if they hit the switch at the earliest availability. That is a dull fight, but not something that will kill any cats.

- Meaty doorcamp fight, and I can't envision what I'd need all these shells for (including the big stacks outside). 

- I liked the 'parting door' effect. 

- Now I see what the shells are for. This is a lot of pinkies that can only approach from a single direction to be fighting in a narrow hallway. Not too engaging. In practice, all those shells left behind will require the player to backtrack for them, if they are to be used.

- Glitchy door

- The skin area looks cool. Not bad, highlight of the map. The combat is unidirectional like most of it in this map, but the grind was more tolerable here.

- I dropped down and hit the switch and that turned out to be the exit, unexpectedly. Ordinarily, I'd IDCLIP out and go look around some more. I left a whole bunch of pinkies and HKs behind, as well as a couple of secrets. 

- There are some misalignments and such throughout the map, but that's the important stuff.


Anyway, lots of stuff to work on, but it's a first map. Hope this helps. Keep at it. 

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Posted (edited)

Regarding "glitchy door": Are you playing it in ZDoom as I've suggested? If so, what version? For reference, it doesn't happen on ZDoom 2.8.1. Other ports, including GZDoom may produce results that looks this way. This is how its supposed to look like: https://imgur.com/a/46SPocX


Fair points otherwise and thanks for the feedback.

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Posted (edited)

GZDoom 3.2.5. In the future, draw more attention to that, as ZDoom used that way will be interpreted as something like 'ZDoom or GZDoom', since that is generally the case, rather than 'ZDoom alone'. 


You're welcome. 

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