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Looking for Vanilla (Or Vanilla style) megawads I haven't played

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I've googled a few but I've largely played a lot of the ones that get recommended the most as I've been going to the site for years. I prefer these kinds of megawads so I'm looking for some more good 'uns. I'd prefer they be compatible with Doom Retro since I love the feel of that port but I'm fine with ones that require GZDoom as long as they don't change the gameplay feel too much.  Here's ones I've already played:


Scythe series

Community Chest series

Doom the Way Id Did

Alien Vendetta

Memento Mori

Hell Revealed

Back to Saturn X



Thanks for any recommends! :)

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Did you already play Final Doom (TNT and Plutonia)? Anyway here are some wads I could think of:


Memento Mori II

Eternal Doom

Plutonia 2

Plutonia Revisited Community Project

Epic 2

Kama Sutra

Hell Revealed 2 (this is very hard though)







Nova 1 & 2


Heroes' Tales


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Yeah I've played Final Doom. But anyways, thankee for the suggestions!

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Two newer ones that I'm in the middle of are Atonement, which is a vanilla megawad, though only episodes 1 and 2 for now...

and Good Morning Phobos, which is actually Boom, but both have very vanilla game play. They do both use some custom resources, but no new monsters, items, etc. (so far). 

I'm having a pretty good time with both so far.


I also recently played Dark Encounters, which is definitely GZDoom, but only uses vanilla resources, I'm pretty sure. Besides slopes, 3d floors, etc. it feels very vanilla.

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If you liked Alien Vendetta then Speed of DooM and Resurgence. Though they need Boom-compatible.


For Ultimate DooM (all after the first three are episodes; all require at most Boom-compat): 


2002 A DooM Odyssey

Needs More Detail

No End in Sight

Hadron E1/E2

Death Tormention series

Simply Phobos


Phobos Revisited

CH Retro Episode



Just mentioning stuff not already in the thread (though they may be on a page linked to).

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