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Angry Saint

Amartia for Vanilla Doom

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I liked the texturing theme a lot but I was surprised to hear aggressive metal music. Wouldn't something fantasy-ish be more fitting?


The gameplay was kinda dynamic and fun, except I think you're relying on monster teleporters and popups a bit too much. It would be nice to see monsters entering the playing field in less... contrived ways. Also be very careful when using tough monsters like barons in Doom 1. Often they're just a chore to kill with the shotgun/chaingun. The cacos at the end are rather pointless too, wouldn't you say?


By the way, try to not put items in places where they can't be avoided: https://i.imgur.com/vwqxDTI.png What if I don't want another box of shells yet? Anyway, it was a pleasant little map in a medieval setting. I attached a demo of my playthrough.


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I also enjoyed the texture set, something a bit different.


The map itself was nice with a decent layout, the well courtyard was a pretty cool landmark. The red key area could of done with something from behind the red key enemy wise.


Didn't mind the midi rendition of BFG division personally. 

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I liked the flow and the look, but I second Memfis' comments (I haven't got a clue what the new reacts are all about, so megasphere it is...) about organic gameplay. Soooo many teleporting monsters. And barons, yeah. It wouldn't be so bad to give a rocket launcher with maybe only 8-12 total rockets.

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