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Eric the Sandvich

Has there been a WAD that just makes minor improvements to original maps?

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I'm talking like more polygons on 'rounded' structures, more texture variety, and/or GZDoom integrated features like Reverb and Colored Lighting, etc., all while preserving the Vanilla aspect of the original Doom/Doom II/Evilution/etc. maps.


I'd imagine something like that might have some legal issues, with little difference between the original maps and the improved ones, even if you need an IWAD to play those maps anyway.


Has there been attempts, or do they already exist?

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There have been some wads that at least used the IWAD maps as a base for expanding/modifying them. I also seem to recall a wad that included the IWAD maps from Doom 1 completely unmodified. Thankfully I forget its name.

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45 minutes ago, Linguica said:

Knee Deep in ZDoom anyone??


Wat. Never heard about that. It doesn't even sounds like a normal mod.


Haha, just joking, relax. KDiZD is a mod which forced me to learn Doom modding.


He asking about "minor" improvements...I don't know, KDiZD looks like a major improvements...


BTW, if we're mentioning KDiZD, I also want to remind about Doom 2 GZDoom - Honte Remastered (heh, dat names...)

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