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5 Rooms megawad, Level 11 - What are the strategies to win?

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I have been exploring the 5 Rooms megawad, which has some incredible maps. However, some of them are just dead difficult.


I really love MAP 11, it is beautifully done, the scale and the architecture is breathtaking. Just one small problem - I have no idea how can anyone be expected to beat this level without cheats.


I have spent several hours yesterday trying to figure out a strategy, starting from one building or another, trying to see if I've missed something, some clever device that gives you an advantage.... Nothing.


The problem with the map is that all doors are open-able by the monsters, so no matter where you start fighting - they all convene on your location. And then you die.


There is a building which holds the yellow key - the only key you need on the map - which has a couple of dozens of revenants and an archville. My first idea was to get in, grab the key, get out and run to the building with the exit. The problem is that you also need to push two buttons in two separate buildings.


I really love the map, and I do want to beat it without cheats. But at the moment I am just at a loss. I have no idea how this can be done.


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Not sure how helpful this is exactly since I got lucky at some points but here's my chaotic first non-speedrun exit I was able to achieve after getting familiar with most of the map.


Some notes that might help:
- Ideally you want to make some infights in the outside area, otherwise you may find yourself low on ammo. Cacos won't infight easily but arachnotrons and revenants should fight it out quite well.
- If you find the opportunity try to make an arachnotron kill the archvile(s) or at least damage him/them considerably. Archviles work pretty well as a meatshields against arachnotrons but the outside area can get very chaotic to be able to do this consistently.
- Save the megasphere until you are really low on health.
- The area with the yellow switch can work as a relatively safe area if you avoid waking up the archvile there. (Which is what I did and then I forgot he was there...)


And here is a shitty Pacifist speedrun in 25s just because:

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Thank you very much for taking the time! Watched both videos, very nice.


I mean, I am playing at the default difficulty, so I didn't have that many archvilles to begin with, lol. Okay, will keep working on that level. But I really like those kind of non-linear levels where the player must themselves decide how to proceed. I would say that this level is a tad too hard. The amount of cacos is just ridiculous. And they are more of a nuisance here than a threat. Although they play a more important role when they enter the buildings.

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https://www.twitch.tv/videos/44791136 = skip to 2hrs, 21 minutes for the start of my playthrough of the map.


This was from the old beta5 version when I played this a few years ago. Don't know if it will help much, but I do manage to beat it.....eventually. Forgot how tricky this map was.


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Thanks for all the demos, guys. Actually managed to beat the level yesterday. Basically running into a Revenant room and grabbing the key and the plasma gun. And then it was relatively easy, actually.


But gorgeous map.

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