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Hell Within Dark Planet - A 1v1 Speedmapping Project

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So me and my good friend AnonimVio decided to do a speedmapping session, and we kinda liked it. It was so interesting, that we both decided to speedmap some more sometime. We've decided to make a topic, where we will post a wad containing 2 map, mine and his, after every session. Feel free to play it, and tell us, what you think about it.

Session 1:


Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/64jo8au049dmcx3/hwdpspd.wad/file


Description: We used jmickle's Map Theme Generator to generate a theme. We rolled with "The Cul-de-sac colliding with Massive Mars". Stock textures (apart from doom 1 skybox) and custom music. Map Time was 3 hours. pistol starts.
My map (map01) turned out to be a little bit too easy and too short, but I am happy with the result. AnonimVio's map (map02) looks gorgeous, but it's fairly difficult.




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Downloaded and had a go.

First map was a fun little challenge and looked decent. I actually archvile jumped out of bounds and went to re-enter through the gate but that automatically made me win so that was something. Great map though! Just make those walls impassable I guess.

My god the second map. So fun yet so difficult. I played on UV and still haven't beaten it. I flicked the yellow switch and died shortly after. Fun as hell though and I plan on re-visiting it to beat it.

EDIT: I also didn't think your map was "too easy". I played that on UV too and died a couple times actually. Maybe I just suck and thats why I can't beat the second one too, who knows.

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Really cool idea.

Map 01 is nice, just needs a little bit more to it, I think.

Map 02 has a really fun idea and is definitely much harder. I liked the opening and the arachnotrons around the edge and the constant threat of the cyberdemon. Some of the mini revenant hordes felt a little cheap to me though. 


Perhaps after 16 sessions you'll be well on your way to I Hate My Neighbors 2.



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