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Doom Touch Soundfont Download Error FIXED!!!!

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Phew....After 3 days of research and experiments, I already found another method to get the music in Doom Touch Working.

If anything are not working, please check your procedure, directory etc. 15 time (like what i does before posting this) before complaining.


Ladies And Gentlemen, here qe go!


For GUS In GZDoom (eawpats)


Dowload eawpats.zip from ZDoom Forums.(Sorry for no link).


Extract all of the files to /sdcard/Beloko as eawpats folder.


Go to /sdcard/Beloko/Doom/FULL/gzdoom Or gzdoom_dev and edit zdoom.ini as follows:


Go to [Doom.Autoload] and type



And launch the game! You should have this working!


For Fluidsynth in GZDoom.


This is 150 times easier than above.


Download the latest Windows-32bit version of GZDoom.


Extract fluidsynth.dll to /sdcard/Beloko/Doom/FULL 

Extract gzdoom.sf2 in soundfont folder of the zip to anywhere you like.


Rename gzdoom.sf2 to WeedsGM3.sf2 and replace the original one in /sdcard/Beloko/Doom


And the amazing fluidsynth will play out!




If you are using GUS, change Sound Device to your preference.

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I'm going to ask again.


Why Doom Touch and not Delta Touch? It's the same thing, made by the same person except Delta Touch is updated!

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