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MTF Sergeant

Is Zion worth it??

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Even though it 'tries' to simulate the new Doom in the most perfect way possible, I think it's not that perfect. The animations look kinda floppy, weapons have pixelated edges, and for some reason, my HUD is extremely brightened.


Instead of using the Doom II levels, they could have made maps that resemble the maps of the new Doom. Then improve the animations and graphics, and replace the original monster sprites with custom sprites representing Doom '16 monsters, then Zion would be one of the best Doom mods ever!



I know, it's easier said than done, and I hope you guys feel the same way.


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11 minutes ago, Korozive said:

What is ZION?

A Doom '16 emulation mod for ZDoom and its derivative engines.

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