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Jack Honda

Mysterious "storage room c4 guy" in Alpha labs: sector 2?

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There is one mystery in the game I've always been confused about. In Alpha Labs: Sector 2, when you crawl through the lavatory ventilation ducts, one of the survivors contacts you on a radio and asks for your help while claiming that he's not far and that he locked himself in storage room c4. Later on that level there is a well hidden secret floor passage in storage and engineering room (right after the MFS Compressor room). In order to access that passage you need to shoot/blow up one of the floor plates. While you're going down that passage you get the second and the last transmission from this guy, but it's muffled and it's impossible to understand what he says. Down there you encounter a single imp. There is also some ammo and small secret vent room with armor where some disturbing ambient sounds can be heard.

That whole secret storage room is shown on 7:35 in this video:



There is no any blood or remains in that area that would suggest that "c4 guy" was killed. So what exactly happened to him? Did he turn into the imp? This seems highly unlikely since it's clear in the game that imps are the creatures from Hell dimension and not possesed humans. Was he devoured by Hell like that ceiling zombie thing in Alpha Labs: Sector 1 (the one that summoned Maggots on you)?

Later on this level you encounter another person named J. Edwards (a guy with a lamp that guides you through some dark corridors) but he's clearly not the "storage room c4 guy" since he's not in storage room and he has a completely different voice.

I would really like to know about the fate of this guy.

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24 minutes ago, Duke of Pathoris said:

At 8:18 in the video, you can actually see a disembodied arm next to the armour.

Yeah, but I doubt that it's supposed to belong to the storage room guy. This arm is in coolant control junction (the area where you are guided by scientist with a lamp) - it's way beyond the secret storage room where that guy was supposed to be hiding.

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Theory 1: The demons stole his soul and so he vanished without a trace.


Theory 2: He never existed and the demons just wanted to trick you into an ambush.

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10 hours ago, Duke of Pathoris said:

You would expect a bigger ambush, then.


Well by that logic the demons would have just flooded the marine with a dozen hellknights every room during the whole campaign. There is no story reason given why they don't do this. It's just a matter of gameplay.

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In Doom 3 there are few things like that. Damn I miss this game, time to reinstall.

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2 hours ago, Marn said:

The solution is that Tim Willits isn't good at writing storylines.


While reading "The making of Doom 3" there are lots of interesting story elements that were actually removed because Tim Willtis thought that it would be better that way. Which it wasn't. For example, originally during the teleportation events the player was suppose to see glimps/visions of what happened to the ancient martians which would have been pretty cool, but Will decided this wasn't desirable because he thought the player would just be confused by this and not understand what he was seeing. Because reading about the ancient martians in boring text logs or listening to an audio log about it is just soooooo much better storytelling :/

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