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I am using decorate txt and dont know how to exchange items btw npc and player


Hi guys. I am a Korean who is recently interested in modding doom. :)

I am using a tool named ZKVN(which is based on decorate txt) to introduce visual novel style in to doom, and it is working pretty nicely.


But I have one problem.


I want the actor(npc) to give particular item to the player after the dialogue, but it is not working.


can I get some help?

It will be appreciated.



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There is no reason why that would ever give anything to the player, as that's the NPC frames and is thus giving inventory to the NPC (you aren't showing us the full actor definition so I can only guess if that's the case). The dialogue itself, presumably in whatever ZKVN is, needs to be the thing to give inventory to however it associates the player. You'll probably need to talk to the ZKVN author to find out the process as it's not a community standard tool.

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