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MTF Sergeant

Favourite Subreddit?

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For me? The r/nosleep subreddit. TBH, I visit it every weekend night and I read stories with my friends just before sleeping. The horror community has evolved in quite a while. It has gone from ghosts roaming about in haunted houses, to malevolent television shows or ghostly text messages from dead girlfriends that haunt living boyfriends.



Even though I know there is a Doom subreddit, I'd prefer Doomworld for all my Doom needs.

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I don't visit that many...




/gamedev seems to like free stuff and beginner tutorials. Star Trek falls into Discovery spoilers and "I just noticed this about a 20 - 30 year old episode." Star Trek seems more fun to read through and 75% of /gamedev seems stuck up its own ass with beginners teaching beginners how to do beginner stuff or people patting someone on the back.


I tried visiting other subredits, but its usually a ghost town for the ones I think up "hey I wonder what people have to say about this."

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It's very interesting. I love stories of magic/the occult, even if it's almost certainly made-up.



Mostly just to see what new ways of shit-talking them that their fans come up with. Pat is a dwarven crack addict, Plague is a sex pervert hick who couldn't build a fence to save his life, Paige eats mustard from a trough and has more fatal diseases than Mr. Burns, and Woolie steals pies.


It's a very unique relationship.

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I like looking at horrible things that happen to people's cars, especially people who don't change their oil.

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