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Did you ever have nicknames for the monster's?

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Mine are this:


Zombieman - Private Green

Shotgun Guy - Sergeant Baldy 

Chaingunner - Big Fella

Imp -  Spikey Mutant 

Demon - Gold-eyes

Lost Souls - Flaming Skulls

Cacodemon - Tomato

Pain Elemental - Meatball

Arachnotron - Robo-brain Spider

Hell Knight - Brown Bull

Baron of Hell - Pink Bull

Arch-Vile - Wizard 

Revenant - Mr. Bones

Spider Mastermind - Mother Brain

Cyberdemon - Babel (thought that was his name, lol)

Icon of Sin - John McGoathead


Did you ever have amusing nicknames for the zombies and demons when you played Doom when you were young, or even today? 



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The only nickname i've ever had for any doom monster was "Chaingun Bob" for the chaingunners, and that's because the DeepSea editor used to call them like that and for a time i thought it was the official name lol

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When I first started playing Doom 2 as a 7 year-old, I had a nickname for a few of the monsters:

Demon - "Piggies"

Imps - "Brown fireball guys"

Cacodemon - "Barney-heads" (I have no idea why)


Nowadays, I pretty much call all the monsters by their correct names... with a few exceptions:


Chaingunners - "F*ck you, man"

Revenants - "Okay seriously, F*CK YOU!"

Pain Elementals - "F*ck you, I hate this f*cking game HOLY SH*T"


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I'll keep calling pinkies lions and gorillas just because me and my stupid brothers called them that when we were young lol.. gj dad x_X

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Ehh... Might as well post my updated list:



Former Human = Peashooter

Former Sargent = Threatening peashooter

Imp = Still that one enemy I feel bad for killing since they're annoyingly cute >_>

Pinky Demon = Needs dental surgery

Spectre = *insert john cena theme here*

Lost Soul = AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH*flies off towards pluto*

Cacodemon = Flying Tomato! (also best enemy :3)

Baron of Hell = Big, Mean and not as fabulous in pink as I first thought >_>


Arachnotron = Aww look at da cuwte bebby spider! ^_^ *gets evaporated*

Pain Elemental = Flying Potato

Hell Knight = Baron wannabe

Revenant = That one cheapskate who always gets a free hit in JUST as I land the final shot

Archvile = Plutonia's f*ccboi

Chaunginner = So I hEaRd DoOm WaS tOo EaSy FoR YoU! lEt Me BeNd YoU oVeR aNd ********************


Spider Mastermind = Despite being a mastermind you're not really a genius are you?

Cyberdemon = Walking over-sized rocket launcher


Icon of Sin = A fairly short map. Nice end to DooM 2 but did feel a little rushed... oh wait we're on about the boss? Oh >_>


SS Soldier = *insert literally ANY Adolf Hitler Speech here since they're based off of nazi germany .-.*

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- Imp: monkey

- Cacodemon: caco, very original I know, or caquito (read as ca-kee-to) which is "little caco" in spanish, because it's cute :3

- Revenant: bonehead or rev, only to shorten their name, not that I appreciate them very much.

- Spiderdemon: spidey, girl, oppressed by her creators, she just wants to move more freely.

- Archvile: barbecuer, the uncountable times doomguy was roasted yet not eaten by one, maybe he's vegan. 

- Baron of Hell: babaron... I don't know why or what that's supposed to mean. 

- Cyberdemon: I once called him moo boy, but that's about it.

- Pinky: roadblock, do I need to explain?


No nicknames for the rest, aside from shortened names like manc, HK or PE, lack of imagination I guess.

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I've nicknamed most enemies, but some I call by their proper names.

Demon - Pinky

Cacodemon - Head

Lost Soul - Skull

Hell Knight - Satyr

Baron - Red Satyr (ultra original) 

Revenant - Skeleton 

Mancubus - Fatso (the actor name)

Arachnotron - Spee-yder

Arch-Vile - Vile

Spider Mastermind - Mastermind

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On 5/29/2018 at 2:50 PM, jointritual said:

I think this has only just recently been discussed.

Your memory is correct. Not surprisingly, this question has been asked before (and rather recently). In case you're curious to see some of the other answers over the years:



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Zombieman: Zombies

Shotgun Guy: Boom guy

Pain Elemental: Pain in the ass

Arachnotron: Brain guy

Baron of Hell: Communist

Arch-Vile: Bigger pain in the ass

Revenant: Boney

Icon of Sin: John Romero

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The first time I played Doom was when it was released. Back then information wasn't that accesible and even in specialized magazines and publications sometimes the names would be wrong. So me (13 years old) and my brother (7 years old) would just put names on them as we saw them appear in game.


Demon: Bull (it has horns and it charges at you)

Cyberdemon: Mechanical bull (it... has horns..)

Cacodemon: Critter / Killer tomato (both the movie Critters and the animated series for 'The attack of the killer tomatoes' were still fresh in people's memories then)

Imp: Deformity (that's based on an anecdote)

Medikit: Nurse (I called them nurses in every other FPS after that but I think that's the first one I called them that. It was after the nurse character in Animaniacs for some reason. Funny thing is now my wife also calls 'nurses' any medikits in games because of me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

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Doom monsters:

Former Human: Not so melee spy

Former Sargent: Not so sniper sniper

Chaingunner: Heavy Weapons Guy

Imp: Undyne

Demon: Pinky Pie

Reverent: Papyrus

Lost Soul: Mama Luigi

Caocodemon: Fat Nyan Cat

Arch-Vile: English Mother F**ker

Pain Element: Fat Tac Nyan

Arachnotron & Spider Mastermind: Spider Man

Hell Knight & Baron of Hell: Asriel Dreamer

Cyberdemon: Goat Mama

Icon of Sin: The God of Hell


I might do Heretic, Hexen, Strife, and Wool Ball monsters next.

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Chaingunners - Baldies 

Lost Soul - Lost Idiots

Pain Elemental - Lost Idiot Spawner 

Cacodemon - Big Red Tomato 

Archville - Flaming Asshole

Cyberdemon - Rocket Fucker 

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I've always called the Resurrection of Evil Bruiser the Teletubby. Such a stupid monster design, reading up on its design intent slightly justifies it, but they should've dropped that monitor when the setpiece was scrapped. Doom 3 has terrible designs in general, and that's easily the worst of the worst.

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Guest Unregistered account

My dad used to call Imps pig monsters because of the sounds they made. I can't remember any others, but I do remember, when I was about 4, asking why there was a skull on the menu if there weren't any skeletons in the game; my dad said "there are...", turned the corner and got punched down by a Revenant. "...See?"

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I've mostly grown out of calling them by nicknames, unless i'm talking about Doom with my mom who still uses em. Most of the nicknames are generic descriptors such as fatty and skeleton (translated ofc), but there's some real gems like:


Imp = impussy (impíča in czech, you can thank my mom for that one)

Cyberdemon = rocket guy? (rakeťák in czech, it's a reference to some song)

Pain Elemental = momma (cuz it "gives birth" to lost souls aka little heads)

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Mine is simple.  I just call all hitscan enemies assholes.  My little brother used to call the Lost Souls "Spongebob" because they're essentially nothing but bullet sponges that just exist to waste your ammo.

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