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New old skin

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I've been working on my site and I made a Doomgirl skin available for download. It's a compilation of gfx and sounds that I fixed up some of from a few different wads.

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Weapons patch for DosDoom v0.65 and up, but not EDGE (yet)
This is still the largest weapon patch ever for Doom.

my biggest EDGE mod, UAC Resurrection, also has 18 new weapons, and about 30-50 new enemies. (can't remember exact amount)

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DarkStorm said:

not to mention Immoral Conduct

Not to mention my version of immoral conduct! I have screenshots, so I'll try and update my page again as soon as Geocitites stops acting so damn shitty!!! >:( I'll probably even try and uploading the mod to my site as well, as soon as I can get my Sword DDF. *cough* Darkstorm *cough* Naw just kidding, take your time if you want, I still need to fix some stuff as well. Oh and if you're wondering, yes Cory Whittle did give me permission to make it, as long as I get rid of his stuff that's still in my mod.

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So how many weapons does Immoral Conduct have? Do I have to change that text to "tied for largest" or "or tied for second largest"?

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