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Question for MIDI experts (using samples?)

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Just wanted to ask a quick question that may have a long answer - Is there a way I can create my own set of samples (essentially my own soundfont, I guess?) that I could use for MIDI playback? Essentially taking an existing melody and have it play back using my own custom made samples?


I apologize if I've worded this poorly but hopefully you understand what I'm asking. If there's a windows compatible program that has this functionality, it would be extremely helpful for me. Thanks in advance!

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A quick Google search turned up Polyphone, which is supposedly a software for editing soundfonts. That's a starting point at the very least.

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I haven't touched midi in a long time, but yes, there are programs (like that one above) to edit soundfonts, and in there you can see they're made of samples. Generally one sample every range of notes. You hence can also make your own. That's what I remember from the times I opened for edition soundfonts myself.

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