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looking for a MEGAWAD that works well with BRUTAL DOOM

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Hello i would like some recommendations for MEGAWAD's that work pretty well with BRUTAL DOOM the reasons why are simple,


1. it'll give me a chance to go around the community and see what cool stuff people make.

2. one day i'm gonna start making my own WAD's and by seeing the stuff the community makes i'll takes notes of the architecture of the maps so that i'll have some ideas for WAD's where the levels don't just consist of default brown texture everywhere and basic geometry.

3. my friend owns a youtube channel and i want to see videos where he goes into these WAD's with BRUTAL DOOM completely blind just dying over and over again for the entertainment of stupid people like me.


if you guys do recommend any WAD's, thank you, i'll check em out myself and hand em to my friend so i can laugh at him dying over and over again like a pleb, btw if you want to laugh at his failures with me his youtube channels called Leeams711 gaming, link to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCB_Ph1IUVgzA10cwxEnSPrA i'll see what you guys recommend as a few hours after i post this because i'll probably be asleep while your posting recommendations so at the time of writing this goodnight.

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Posted (edited)

I wanted to make a Megawad but ran out of time and motivation. But go to moddb and download my Wad Operation UAC which is strictly for the older BD version. It is 9 maps.


This is 100% designed for Brutal Doom. Balance, content, events etc uses modern sourceport and BD specific features.


Link: https://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom/addons/operation-uac


Read instructions for version. Also note, this can be played on easy with minimal monster counts, less triggered traps and few challenges blocked... or play on harder difficulties and get all the content thrown at you.


Custom bosses and monsters are sourced elsewhere.

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to Chezza and Bryan T, thanks for the recommendations i'll check them out.


hope you both have a good day.

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