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Printable DOOM Board Game (IDEA ONLY)

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I had this idea I'm probably going through with beginning in the next few days consisting of 16 enemies (printed on cardstock--hit points, damages, etc.), six weapons (dice rolls), and several board game map levels, possibly 8 or three episodes of 8 or even more possibly (if multiple sessions can be played) 30 maps. I'll use flats from the actual game for spaces backed by another seamless flat so that they somewhat match levels they are trying to represent and progressively put harder enemies on spaces. There would be printable basic status bars to be written on in pencil (to keep track of health and possibly armor if I calculate that in and it's easy enough) and the basic idea is to either play single player or coop (deathmatch would of course have 8 DIFFERENT BOARD GAME PAGES for 1-on-1 or more) and get from start to finish keeping a small amount at least of health from the battles. Some spaces will be blank, more on early levels, but eventually there will be flooded spaces with enemies and pickups to play chance with. Enemies will have hit points and will deal damage. Your strength will depend on a dice roll to choose your weapon and maybe a second roll to choose the number of shots you can get in. If playing coop the first player to clear the area will progress both players to the next level. It will be a printable PDF book of several pages to be stapled together and used every time. The status bars can be single use and the cards can be printed on two pages of 8 to make it simple, or you can glue them to cardstock or even print them on it.


One part I'm trying to figure out without makings things far too complicated are keycards. I wanted either multiple routes you'd have to take leading you back to start with a key, or landing on a key (maybe three spaces will have a key) will allow you to exit, while the contrary would cause you to just keep looping the level until you have a keycard. I'm wanting the levels linear to an extent so you can't just bypass enemies, but I also wanted to vary their look and offer second routes for things like keys and other powerup chances maybe with more enemies surrounding them.


If anyone wants to help out or has any idea that would be useful, I will simply post this printable game for free when I'm done on my website http://www.doom2.net/dybbuk for doom goods, and have maybe a board for comments/complaints/shout-outs/ideas, etc on the bottom. I will also offer some special places that sell board game cardstock and pieces you can use to make this game more like a real board game. I can even make 4 separate colored players to tape onto board game pawns ;)

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I know I got some views and no responses, does this sound like anything anyone would be interested in enough for me to make it?

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Calm down, it's been less than an hour since you posted. You don't need to bump your thread (and doing so is frowned upon here).


Regarding the idea, there are already two commercial Doom board games so maybe take a look at those for inspiration? A fan-made one could be interesting, or maybe you could try remixing one of them. It would be cool to bring the culture of Doom modding to the board games as well.

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Cool idea. I made many years ago battle game made from paper. Two inch height for normal soldiers/monsters and higer for special units. Each unit has parameters like: Health, Damage in short range/Damage in long range, Range in inches how many steps it can do for a round. It was pretty easy, and fun. I even build some simple architectures to make quick team deathmatch for soldiers units. There were card deck for each side. You can draw a card with special bonus like healt, ammo, special actions, etc.

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