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Is this an alarmist thread title? (yes)

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1 minute ago, The Unclassy German said:

mate i think you're taking this way too seriously


We shall see. But understand this: If things go really sour in the future, just remember that I fucking called it.

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Also note that as Linguica said, Doomworld isn't in the EU. It is, actually, in Dallas, Texas, which is in the United States [citation needed], and so the thought that the EU could enforce this law in America is ridiculous.


16 minutes ago, hardcore_gamer said:


Well then don't cry too hard if you wake up one day and discover you don't have any liberties anymore.

That can only happen as a result of this in Europe. America, Russia, Brazil, Chile, even China would, as I understand it, not be affected by any law passed in the EU that shut down net neutrality.


And who are "the elites?" The people trying for the New World Order? That sounds like a conspiracy theory and I really doubt anyone here wants anything to do with one of those discussions.


If nobody else here has heard anything about this, then there's every possibility that it isn't a thing. I expressed doubt as to the truth of this in my first post and I'm disinclined to think that such a law could work. If this law was passed as is, assuming it's true, then games which are meant to be nodded would, in a manner of speaking, be illegal, because of all the "copyright infringement." And as Edward850 noted, this is the territory of the End User License Agreement, which specifically outlines what you can and can't do with given commercial software by the creators themselves, which makes such a law even more nonsensical.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seriously doubt such a law would ever work.

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If this passes with the wordings that are in place regarding filtering, link taxes, and liability, Europe will no longer be possible to service via wiki sites.

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As far as I know, this would only affect sites that are based somewhere in Europe. So, news sites, blogs, etc. based in Europe that aren't able to pay this link tax (or cope with the other ridiculous rules this introduces) would be shit out of luck. 


Granted, it's still an immensely terrible idea, and cause for genuine concern---which is why the hysterical way this thread was posted is the perfect example of how NOT to raise awareness of real issues, since many people will simply tone you out.


@hardcore_gamer: why would you be in favor of net neutrality if you think this is a bad idea?

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