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another midi thread

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I used to have a thread in blogs where I posted midi but I forget what happened to that so I'm making this new thread about midi.


original compositions, unoriginal compositions, and other stuff, here: http://rbkz.net/midi/


feel free to use any of them in whatever you want

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I started out with MIDI, I needed to find mine again. For my early stuff, I only used power drumset, distorted electric guitar, picked bass, church organ, and timpani. I was a weird kid that's for sure. Your compositions have better rhythm and timing than mine ever did.

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bumping with new midi. same url as OP. direct links:


its_more_ham.mid - detective/noir thing, harmonic minor noodling

loc_n6.mid - more string stuff in harmonic minor

lyds9.mid - battle theme / clown music.... also in harmonic minor...

majpen7_loop.mid - magnolia.wad map31

redalert.mid - more agro electronic

rompi.mid - a moody thing that's vaguely twin-peaks inspired

voices_c.mid - a calm jazzy thing, might make a decent D_DM2INT for a chill wad

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Commencing another dump of midi: Most are bad, some are ok. Feel free to use them for whatever you want if you so desire.




ap35b.mid *



goats1.mid *





smc.mid *





* - actually worth listening to


Brought to you by arbitrary musical motivational event #193

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three songs from a soundtrack to a project that might be completed some day. the initial idea was to start each song from the same melodic material, but they're turning out rather wonky regardless.











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more midi, more problems:


almanac.mid - intro to a 90s cartoon show

harm_organized.mid - the harp and woodblock dream

its_cold_up_here.mid - put on your coat

kmarp_fashion_show.mid - what can I do, what can I say

metal1.mid - I swear it sounds less jagged on a real guitar

ploxcore2d_loop.mid - anime credits

rachrachrach.mid - wormwood.wad map02

rompi_intro.mid - intro

some_sort_of_dead.mid - wormwood.wad titlepic

whyd_you_come_here.mid - unwelcome (hello quartal!)






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