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Phoenix Speedmusic Session 2- Mating Call Of The Phoenix (Idgames link now in OP)

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Posted (edited)

Yes, that's right, it is back by (somewhat) popular demand for round 2! You probably thought I forgot, or, more likely, just decided to be lazy and ditch everyone... But that is definitely not the case, I just wanted to wait until now to post about it since I wanted it to be fresh in everyones mind :)


This session will be held next Saturday, June 9th, 1:00PM to 3:00PM US Central Standard Time (CST) just like last time. On top of that, I am also looking for someone who can help host/curate/whatever you want to call it, an earlier session in the morning, so people on the other side of the pond can actually have a reasonable chance of participating (I remember last time people couldn't make stuff because they had other things to do at that time or it was too early for them and stuff like that). If you are interested in doing that make sure to let me know either in a PM or on the session Discord which you can join here https://discord.gg/xNnHHGZ


As for the rules they are the same as last time and similar to other speed sessions that are hosted on DW:


*You will have 2 hours to write your song + a few minutes to submit it. I was a little lenient with the submission time last time I must admit, so this time you will get *15* minutes to submit it, no more no less :)

*You will get 3 themes to use when writing your song, you can use any number of the themes but You *have* to use at least 1.

*The song must be Boom compatible, so allowed formats are MID, MP3, OGG, MOD, XM, S3M, IT (and any other formats prboom+ might play that i cant think of right now). Tracked formats (.mid/.mod and similar) are preferred over sample ones but not required

*When you submit your song make sure you include some basic information like the track name, composition time, daw you used to make the song in, etc. You can submit tracks to either the Discord or on the thread itself, I personally would prefer if you put it in the thread though if possible. Or both places at once, that would be ok too.


Just like last time after the writing and submission time is up I will collect all the songs that were submitted and wait about a day or so in case people want to make some minor tweaks and fixes to their track then put them all in a wad and upload it to Idgames.


That's all for now, good luck next week :)


edit: The wad for this session has been accepted on idgames, here is the link https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/music/phoenix2 I accidentally forgot to edit one of the instances of mentioning the date the session occured on in the txt file because I was lazy and copied it from the first session so at one part in the description it says may 5th and not june 9th, just ignore that lol.

Edited by therektafire : added idgames download link

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Today is the day :) less than 12 hours to go. The themes this time around are pretty interesting, in my opinion anyway

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Well, I goofed up and forgot to put the themes on the thread for the first whole hour until @Eris Falling reminded me...


Well anyway here they are I guess


The song is in a time signature other than 4/4

The song uses only percussive, atonal, and/or non-melodic samples/instruments

The song has no 2 measures or patterns that are the exact same


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Ok, the time for submissions is up. That concludes this month's session. I'll give a day for people to make minor changes to their already submitted songs then it will go to idgames as usual :) It looks like we got only 3 submissions again this time for similar reasons as last time, well that and the pool of potential participants still seems pretty low... I still have yet to advertise on a lot of the popular music related subreddits and forums yet so maybe we will get more next time? Especially now that there has already been 2 sessions so there is a little bit more reputability now.


See you next month I guess

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Neverfore (3:34)


A slightly weird one in every time signature but 4/4. Hence the name, lol

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Posted (edited)

Also for people who want to hear it here is my song. It's called "Going Up" and its inspired by elevator songs in games like goldeneye system shock etc. It uses the 1st and 3rd themes


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