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E1M1 Remade Midi

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"Slap bass" instrument in intro sounds bad. It needs some more drums in this moments, because at first time it sounds like you've deleted drums and instead of them you've placed Slapbass. I know Drums were not deleted because I've opened it in editor. But still...


BTW, when I'm running your track in player it sounds slowly, like 120 tempo. But in midi editor it's 220. BTW, 220 tempo sounds like much better.

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The MIDI has a tempo of 100 in Cakewalk Pro Audio 9.

* Bass should be monophonic.  Playing chords/octaves on bass sounds muddy.

* Too much percussion going on at once.  It sounds like a drumkit being played by an octopus.  Even though it's just a MIDI, remember that a drummer normally only has 2 legs and 2 arms.

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