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Tekex - Limit-removing map

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This is a medium-sized map with a mixture of open areas and smaller passages. Focus was put into verticality, light play and strolling monsters. Also includes a bunch of tricky traps, similar to my previous wad.

It is recommended to use a limit-removing port, since no tuning was done to avoid visplane overflows.







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Seems unwelcoming, with painfully dark areas, unpleasant teleporting hitscanners, and very low ammo. I tried to have fun but failed. :( Maybe it plays better in OpenGL with gamma correction on a lower skill setting. Music was very good.

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On 6/3/2018 at 4:55 PM, Myst.Haruko said:

Did you fix mapinfo? I left review on idgames with mapinfo example.


Thanks, I've uploaded a fix, should be up soon.

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I also failed miserably trying to beat the map on UV. The architecture is uncommon, therefore quite interesting, but having to run around and punching hitscanners ruined the fun.


Maybe it's just not my pair of shoes :)

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Absolutely amazing map with unconventional architecture and an unfolding layout reminiscent of mouldy's work. Ammo conservation gets pretty brutal at times and I think there's more hitscanners than there is health to offset little slip-ups, but the map is quite phenomenally designed besides that. Really liked how the player was unsure at any time what was going to happen, and the ways you use the door textures as floor switches is great. Love the little door crates too! Wonderful map.

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