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Eric the Sandvich

Having trouble with animated textures

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For the past hour I've been trying to find the solution to this. Refer to the image below.


My end texture comes out in negative colors and not animated. Note that the texture itself being greyscale is (I think) normal, since a Doom 1 texture pack for Doom 2 I used was like this and worked with no issues. I assume the color data is still there because it wouldn't turn out negative otherwise.


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My first glance suggests that your texture isn't animated because NUKEAK1/2/3 are patches and not textures. If you wanted it animated, I would say that you would need to define textures (going by your definition there), LEAK1/2/3 and write "texture LEAK1 range LEAK3 tics 8" to animate it.

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When I added the PLAYPAL to the wad, suddenly it showed the negative colors instead of greyscale in Slade, how peculiar.


I reimported the textures and convert to Doom and it works! No issues anymore.

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