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What kind of effects might the Tome of Power have had in Hexen 1?

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Just something I've wondered about from time to time. I'm not sure about most of them, but I feel like Timon's Axe could gain a projectile attack, and then the Hammer of Retribution can do something Maulotaur-esque like those lines of flame that travel along the ground. I also wonder if maybe the final weapons would have to be rebalanced so that the attacks we already know are the Tomed attacks and then they have something more restrained for their default attack.

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Nonserious ideas go!


Fighter fist becomes Falcon PAWNCH!

Axe becomes base!Quietus.

Hammer becomes Mjolnir.

Quietus becomes BFG2704.


Cleric mace becomes base!Fighter axe, magic and all.

Serpent staff becomes constant drain weapon.

Flame magic becomes arch-vile attack.

Wraithverge becomes BFG9000.


Mage staff becomes railgun (200 damage or so).

Ice magic becomes ice hurricane or something.

Lightning magic becomes chain lightning/rocket launcher thing.

Bloodscourge becomes BFG10K or something.


I'm not very familiar with the mage's weapons.

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The fighter's fists could be like Doom berserk fists and one-shot low-tier enemies. Timon's axe could be tossed & boomerang back (like the crusader's tomed axe in Hexen 2). The hammer could smash the earth and cause a quake damaging all nearby enemies. 


The mace of contrition could be imbued with energy and smash most enemies in one hit. The serpent staff could spew poison flechette gas that doesn't harm the player. The firestorm could be like the arc of death and seek targets and rain fire upon them.


The staff could rapid-fire three projectiles (at 11, 12, & 1). Frost shards could shoot powerful ice bolts that pierce through multiple targets. The arc of death is already pretty awesome, maybe it could split up and get multiple enemies.


Don't know about the 4th weapons, they're already pretty awesome. Except quietus. It could be improved if it went through multiple enemies (like bloodscourge).

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Fist - additional damage and knockback for the third punch (and even more damage if the enemy hits a wall)

Axe - I second @whirledtsaridea, similar to uh..the recent God Of War game with the Leviathan axe.

Hammer - Mjolnir? Fuck I like that!!!

Quietus - works the same but after some distance, the projectiles spread out into more projectiles, doing a nasty damage.



Mace - similar properties as Corvus' staff...nuff said (at least it's more powerful and it won't suck right?)

Serpent staff - turns into a sort of laser and drains even more energy.

Firestorm - give this fucker more power and more range please!!! Or acts like the serpent staff...

Wraithverge - add double the trouble...8 ghosts that ignores reflection and lasts longer!!!



Sapphire wand - fires a big ball of energy that damages over time

Frost shards - does a special incantation which does AoE attack, dealing great damage or another ability should be summoning a group of Wendigos (the frost dude)

Arc Of Death - more duration and triple lightning.

Bloodscourge - fires a single big projectile that does multiple explosions in contact with an enemy or a wall and deals extreme damage.


I guess that's it :)

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I've actually always liked the idea of a HereHexen universe game where the Tome of Power is a more permanent powerup, which doesn't replace your weapon's functionality with new ones but instead picking it up allows you to use the secondary fire modes of your weapons. That way, it provides a unique way to effectively double the player's arsenal, which seems pretty major thing in something like Hexen with its limited one.

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