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Coop demo ideas (dsdacon)

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Dsdacon is coming up at the end of July, and we will be gathering together for some coop demo recording (in addition to other festivities).


Does anyone have suggestions or recommendations for coop ILs? What runs would you like to see? We'll release a pack of demos afterwards.

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I would love to see an UV-Max of Squadron 417 Map17. It's the only map in the wad that requires two players to reach the exit. An edited version for single player exists, but it would be very nice to have "the real thing" maxed.


In Scythe X the multiplayer monster placement differs from single player significantly (the maps are way more crowded), so some maxes could be interesting.


I believe some Memento Mori maps play quite differently in coop (the progression changes and you have to work together) and definitely deserve your attention, but I'm not sure about the details. Try Map29 for a start.


Any episode run of 2002ado would be wonderful.


Ode of Resurrection COOP EDITION: the name speaks for itself.


Arxangels is positioned as a coop oriented wad but so far it only has single player demos.


Finally, if you want something truly insane, check out Castle of Evil: a huuuge nonlinear map where planning the route might take hours and hours. This is (probably) more of a joke suggestion.

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How about a coop run of TNT. I haven't seen many solo-net demos for the wad. Would be an easy run for coop.

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Scythe 2 maps 01-22. I want to run them with -solonet myself in the future, but it'd be fun seeing them done in true coop.

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