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Doom PBR Textures

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Hi all first post here. Just got back into Old Skool gaming again and started messing around with gzdoom builder. Having loads of fun experimenting. But Ive been reading up on the whole PBR textures. Im not asking how to create them but how to actually get them into gzdoom builder and working. Might sound like Im stupid here, ive read other topics on this matter and still cant understand how. Maybe its because Im new to all this but any step by step guides/tutorials/videos would be great.


Maybe I am asking to much but hey doom is just to good.



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GZDoom Builder is a map editing program, not a lump editing program.

To add to the structure of a wad or pk3 (zip) file you have to use something like Slade3.


I have not delft into PBR territory myself yet, but you probably also have to upgrade to GZDoom Builder Bugfix, since GZDoom Builder has not been updated for over a year. For links see here.

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Thanks for the links and information. Also managed to find some other posts to help. But yeah finally got them working. Thanks to Arl on his original textures, I used them the test it out working. From the post 

Anyway here is a quick video of it working.



Now I can get it working and understand, time to start making my own textures.

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Another video with some experimental textures. Trying to keep that pixel look. Some textures are just pictures from online and some are from doom 3 textures, duke nukem 3d. Just seeing what works.



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