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The Pissed Off One

Trouble with skies


here is the wad: http://www.mediafire.com/file/epvjp39ffu378jf/test.wad

im having some trouble with the skies, on walls specifically. I looked at MAP01 from doom II and did my best to replicate what was there; make the linedefs invisible and impassable. However, it does not appear to be working, and I dont know what im doing wrong >_<. the editor im using is Eureka. thank you!

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I'm guessing that you want to have the ashwall texture the only wall shown when you look outside? 

If that's the case, try lowering the ceiling/sky to 64 where it will but up against the floor6_2 which is already 64 high.

Yes you read this correctly, have the floor and ceiling both 64, so that the height between the two will be 0.


Basically all you'll need to do is lower the ceiling to 64 and run your map.

~You'll notice that it's also like this in Doom2 map01. :)

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