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Postmortem Depression (Neopets VS Necromorph): The curse of the Dark Lord

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These are my thoughts (in no particular order):


  • I don't understand the title.
    • Will this map be part of a larger Dark Lord related mapset?
    • Is the cyberdemon the Dark Lord?
    • How do Neopets and Necromorphs factor in?
    • Am I overthinking the title?
  • You may want to think about putting the switch in the room by the cyberdemon in a little alcove so that you don't have a switch textures that just repeats mutliple times vertical and has a tutti-frutti error on it, too.
  • The maze where you have to walk through the teleporters is an interesting concept.
  • In the room with the exit teleporter, if you fall off the narrow walkway into one of the nukage pits, is there any way out? Or are they inescapable?
  • In that same exit room, the green nukage line along the middle of the walls looks odd.
  • The sky looks interesting.
  • Having a whole wall of the yellow keycard texture that is a door just looks lazy to me. I understand that you want the whole wall to open up to reveal the teleporter maze, but I just think there would be a better way to do that. Like a yellow keyed switch that opens the wall.
  • There's little threat in the teleporter maze room. This may be fine for lower difficulties. But for higher difficulties you could add enemies or have the walls open up when you pass certain points to reveal enemies. You have plenty of ammo.
  • You could have enemies shooting at you in the exit room, too, although it may cause people to have Chasm flashbacks due to monsters shooting at you while you're trying to walk along a narrow walkway surrounded by a nukage-filled pit.

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Wait, this is the same map you sent me to play? The title there was like "Welcome to hell" or something...

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