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"Replacing" an arbitrary actor (aka an actor with no TID) based on X and Y coordinates


So, I am trying to make a script that modifies some of the objects in existing maps. It is being done for a reason, and I can not modify the maps at all (they are retail maps).


Anyway, adding an actor is easy - I can simply use Spawn or SpawnForced


However, replacing an existing actor (based on their position) is a lot more difficult.


Currently, I am doing this:

Spawn a dummy object (an empty actor I defined in DECORATE) at the location of the object I want to replace with a custom TID

Call CheckProximity in ACS to get the closest actor to the dummy object (it requires a class, but using the class "actor" and the CPXF_ANCESTOR flag allows it so select any actor of any type), to check anything within 2 map units, which is set to it's TARGET

call Thing_Remove() on the dummy actor's target

Then, spawn the new actor


This works fine in (G)Zdoom. However, Zandronum has an older version of the CheckProximity function, which doesn't allow using "actor".


I am looking for a zandronum compatible way to replace an actor without a tid, in a way which isn't horrible. I really wish there was a "GetActorAt" function, or some equivalent.


There is probably a simpler/more obvious solution to this, but I do not know it.

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The obvious solutions are either to stop targeting Zandronum or wait for several years until it catches up. These are also probably the only solutions.

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Yeah I don't really want to badmouth Zandronum too much, but it seems like it's codebase is almost prehistoric, which is a real shame because it's hands down the best port for multiplayer.


I kinda wish they would stay more up-to-date with gzdoom releases, but whatever

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