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Leftover Music From a Scrapped WAD Project

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I only started making music recently, with my first song being about a month ago. Originally, I was aiming to create a soundtrack for a wad that I was working on, but I eventually quit the project altogether. The level music for the project however, is still here.


Maybe if I'm lucky, one of my songs could get included in SynthDoom Mk2. Otherwise, I'll leave these for those who like crunchy bass and a fast BPM.


If anyone wants to use these songs, just contact me.


(I apologize for any volume issues in the song "Dissection Chamber" because this was before I replaced my cheap earphones with better ones)

I fixed up the volume issues and re-uploaded the track, so there's no longer any need to lower your volume by 50 or so notches.

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I know this is old, but I still wanted to say that I like your stuff! I was kind of bummed (but understood creatively) when Sonic Mayhem stopped doing industrial-style synth work. My favorite is Cognitohazard out of the two. The dissonant intro then the sick riff that follows is great.

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