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Phobos construction site

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Just played It. 

Nothing to complain about.

No bad monster placement, Good ammo placement, Texture detail was good, Loved the music.

So all In all It was purty good.

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an okay map, here's a demo with a ps2 controller: chainBon1.zip


some texture usage and alignment could be a bit better

some areas had enemies just kinda grouping up into clusters, leaving rooms feeling oddly empty

ugly windows, and kinda empty outside areas

mostly empty ending


i recommend higher use of decorative things like lights, candles, gore, trees, etc., as well as use of monster blocking lines or teleporting bad boys to keep the map flowing and preventing large clusters from forming

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It's a good map for me. I guess you were only trying to make a small base, which explains the rather minimalistic look of both the interior and the exterior (I don't know how this is supposed to be a construction site though.). It isn't particularly hard to take down the enemies, as long as you're careful with your movement because of the small space you're given. The only downside for me is that the ending is lackluster. It could be improved by adding a more challenging fight or something interesting (Something that hints that this is a construction site? Your choice.).


Here's a demo (-cl2,UV):chainph1.zip 

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A nice, super short map. Hectic with a strong E1 vibe to it with appropriately strengthed monsters nor crowded.

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