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Doom 64 Finally Has a Proper Speedrun!

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It has been very fascinating watching your journey through this game.


For a very long time you refused to complete a run that would be too slow relative to your goal even if it was significantly faster than your world record at the time.. you saw such vanity as a waste of time and that is truly a rarity among the speed running community.


Congratulations on finally reaching a time you are pleased with!

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I find it fairly interesting that your record is 32:32 in terms of game time, given that I believe the fastest UV Speed of all of Doom 2 is just under 20 minutes, even with all the absurd shit that's been discovered. So much different between these two games, and I'm very much enjoying the discoveries of tricks in Doom 64.

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At first, I was confused (even annoyed) at the "twitch" nature of the demo. But then I began to appreciate the strategy and skill that was employed in swiftly reaching each objective, namely, the exit switch. Kudos!

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