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I need help with my first weapon


Hi i try to make the hanzo bow, but when i try to run the wad file i have a error, can you help me pls?

sorry for my bad english


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Check out the rotation diagram about halfways down the page.

If your sprite is xxxxA0, shown in purple, then you need not supply any additional rotation sprites. However, if you name the sprite xxxxA5, shown in blue, then you also have to supply the rest of the sprites to complete the 8 rotations. And likewise, shown in green, if one wants 16 rotations. In other words, missing rotation sprites are indicated as errors.




Then in DECORATE line 51 remove the duplicated Actor, eg:

ACTOR ArrowMissile 2001 {


You might want to read this as well for more in-depth help.

Edited by Kappes Buur

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