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Subterranean infestation

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I haven't had a chance to play it, but just looking at the screenshot above, these are my comments:


  • Consider adding more screenshots.
  • Any other information you want to share about the level?
  • Doom or Doom 2? (I assume it's Doom 2 from the 64-wide door.)
  • Is it Map01 or another level?
  • It looks like you have some issues with misaligned textures, so you should check on that.
  • Consider putting the door in a little inset in the wall. In my opinion, it looks cleaner than having the door flush with the wall, but under a little overhang.
  • It seems like this is the opening of your level. The fact that you have a blue key door at the beginning implies that there will be backtracking in the level.
    • That can be a good thing, particularly if you introduce changes (monster closets, traps, one-way doors, etc.) to keep the player on his/her toes.
    • But if you're just backtracking through a now-empty level, then it's basically just sight-seeing and not as interesting.

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