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I had an idea about a special version of Doom II. Here is what it will be (if possible):


Doom II: BFG Edition

Episode 1: Thy Flesh Consumed

Episode 2: Hell On Earth

Episode 3: Gauntlet of Sin

The idea is, that I would take Thy Flesh Consumed from The Ultimate DOOM, and instead of the regular secret level, it would be Hangar from DOOM 1. Then, I'd take 9 levels from DOOM II, and make Hell On Earth. Then, for Gauntlet of Sin, I'd take 4 levels from one of the various DOOM II add-ons, and then the final 5 levels would be the final 4 from DOOM II, and Grosse would be the secret level.

The question is, how would I go about doing this? I would like to know how to make this frankenstein wad of sorts.

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Depends on the target port.

Largely, however, probably the best thing to do wouldn't be to just copy over the maps (since that would be copyright infringement because Doom is commercially available and, obviously, copyright laws), but instead build new versions based on the map it's supposed to be, ideally with some new content and a little extra polish.

Unless I'm mistaken, Boom doesn't support MAPINFO, so for it, you'd need to use DeHackEd to modify the map strings and create new graphics for the intermission screens.

However, targeting Eternity or ZDoom would grant access to MAPINFO and then it would be the simple task of defining each episode and the maps to go within.


After that, all that would be left is constructing the levels, which would take some time.

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I wouldn't from Ultimate Doom, Doom II, Master Levels, or No Rest for the Living, since the latter two are expansions of Doom II and still copyrighted by id.

The shovelware crap I would expect to be fair game, but no one would want to use them.

Copying maps over from UD/D2/ML/NRftL/Final Doom without modifying them at all would, as I understand it, prevent you from uploading to idgames because they would be non-modified id software resources.

However, if you were able to get permission from id (and Bethesda) to compile these maps into another expansion, it seems quite probable that you could compile this completely legally, though it would likely be commercialized in such a situation, and since Doom (1993) is an old game, it looks unlikely to me that they would want to do this. They may not even care, but I can't speak for id or Bethesda.


However, @Linguica can answer your question much more definitively than I can.

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But how would I copy the maps over? I mean, I get the basic idea, copy them over into a new wad using Slade, but I’d need to copy the textures, and the sprites and all that, so, yeah.

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In Slade you should see under the map marker (the file marked MAPxx), a bunch of other files about lines and sectors and things, etc. You copy all of those down to the BLOCKMAP (which is usually the last one. If not, then it should be SCRIPTS, but those are in ZDoom maps and Hexen, usually) into the wad so it functions properly. Since maps are often grouped together, you should be able to copy the map marker and everything beneath it to the next and that's the entire map.

Copying textures and sprites, you shouldn't really need to do that (unmodified id resources and all that), but in most editors, sprites are contained between sprite markers (SS_START and SS_END), textures are made (usually) in TEXTURE1 with a PNAMES lump and contained between patch markers (PP_START and PP_END), flats are contained between flat markers (FF_START and FF_END), and sounds and graphics are contained wherever. There should also be a PLAYPAL and COLORMAP in the wad you would need if you wanted yours to have a palette of colors.

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