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Okay, so I spent 3 weeks researching laptop computers back in November/December. I reviewed down to the finest detail and bought the absolute perfect computer, EXCEPT for one little thing!

I didn't realize that the internal ethernet/modem combo was an option until after the order was placed. It came configured with an internal modem, and I bought a PCMCIA network card seperately. That cost (ugh) $90. The internal network option would have been $55 more, so I paid $35 more for an inferior option.

Now I have the option of buying a refurbished internal ethernet/modem MiniPCI card (not to be confused with PCMCIA) and installing it in the computer myself. The card costs $125 (yikes) taxes and shipping included. I could perhaps return my PCMCIA network card to the manufacturer as a defective (sometimes I can't get it to work) but that would have to be mailed back as Staples' store return policy is only 10 days, and the card is 5 years warranted. Also, I don't know if they'll refund or replace (aaargh) it.

And it would be soooooo nice to get rid of this PCMCIA card (which can be mistakenly left behind, forgotten) and just have internal network with one less component to carry around and plug/unplug. But jeeeeesh, 125 dollars...

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