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First-try Demo Contest #18 (June 23rd, 15:00 UTC)

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So, I'm the evil puppet master now.

This time the map is going to be for Ultimate Doom in limit-removing format so make sure you have the appropriate IWAD and engine. And yes, it's going to be manageable.



Detailed info & rules:

General information:
1. Map format - Limit-removing, demo format - Ultimate Doom (-complevel 3 in PrBoom-Plus), IWAD - doom.wad, author - Demonologist, tester - skepticist.
2. Recommended EXEs:
PrBoom-Plus/GlBoom-Plus with complevel 3

3. Recommended command lines:
prboom-plus -iwad doom -file phlegwvs -complevel 3 -warp 3 5 -skill 4 -record YOURNICK
glboom-plus -iwad doom -file phlegwvs -complevel 3 -warp 3 5 -skill 4 -record YOURNICK
(replace YOURNICK with your nickname)


Players are permitted to use the "-longtics" parameter if they want to.

Contest plan:
1. At June 23rd 14:00 UTC the link to passworded .ZIP archive containing the WAD file and the additional link with .bat files containing the command lines above will be posted in this thread (to speed up the recording process).
2. At June 23rd 15:00 UTC the password to the archive will be posted in this thread. You should immediately unzip the archive and start recording your demo (use the command lines above).
3. During the demo recording it's forbidden to:

- use any TAS tools and features

- pause the game

- switch between applications

- enter the in-game menu.

More than 30 seconds of WT tics (being idle) will count as foul play.
4. If you die, press USE instead of restarting the demo. There is no limit for deaths, but all attempts should be in a single demo file.
5. After you have finished recording, archive your demo into a .ZIP file with the same file name immediately, upload it to a web hosting of your preference and send it to me via a private message or in any other way available to you. Use only Latin letters and underscore symbol for file names.
6. After the 3 hours the contest will be declared over, and the demo processing will start.

Results processing:
1. I'll compare your upload time and your demo time. The difference should be no more than 4 minutes (e.g. contest starts at 15:00 UTC, your demo time is 12:34 and you've uploaded your demo at 15:15:00 UTC, so that's OK). If the difference is more than 4 minutes, then every extra full minute will cost you +5 minute penalty to your demo time (e.g. contest starts at 15:00 UTC, your demo time is 34:56 and you've uploaded your demo at 15:42:00 UTC, so you will have +15 minute penalty and your total time will be 49:56). But if the difference is more than 15 minutes, your demo will be out of contest.
2. I'll watch all your demos and form the final results table. The demo with the shortest total time wins (death count is not taken into account).


If you're not familiar with the event - here's the previous contest's thread:

This is it. Come one, come all!

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