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Transparent Grid floor/Ceiling

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Prob a silly question. But is it possible to create a floor or ceiling with a transparent grid texture on it and then say have lava or water texture under it. I know you can do it with walls with linedef. Im guessing it might be possible with 3d floors?. If anyone knows or has an example, it would be great.



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Easy. Make the sector you want to apply this to a little lower than the surrounding floor and apply whatever texture to its floor. Then create a 3D floor as you normally would, but make its floor and ceiling flats some MIDx texture (MIDGRATE for example), make its ceiling height match that of the higher floor (not the liquid or whatever the lower floor is) and make the 3D floor "floor" height match its "ceiling" height so its sector height is zero.

Make sure that you are creating a solid floor and set its opacity to 255 (or less if you want to use a non MID texture, but still want to see through it).


For an example of sorts, you can look at this shot from a mod of my own.


The catwalk I'm standing on here is, clearly, a 3D floor with a sector height of 16, using a floor and ceiling texture whch has "gaps" in it like the MIDx textures do. The only real difference here is I've flagged it to render its interior, too.

Also, look down at the structure to the right. That glass down there is an excellent example, too. It uses "transparent" glass textures and has a sector height of 0.

So you can see through the floor to whatever's beneath, but it's still solid and so you can stand and walk on it.

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