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Terrain and GZDoom

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I tried to make some ground terrain, using a grid of triangular sectors, then pulling and pushing the verts to somewhat randomize it. This looks pretty nice. I thought it would be really cool if I could then place water in the lower sectors, and have a more natural look to the waters edges....NOT. It ends up just not drawing some of the water, leaving holes in the waters surface on some sectors. Considering I've not been around for many years, I sure I'm not the first to try this. Has anyone by chance found a way to make this work?


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I'm pretty sure (not completely, I haven't tried this myself) if you lower the sector floor height (not the vertices, leave them where they are), you should be able to get all the water to render where you want it.

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Translucent 3D floors and slopes don't mix well. The engine outright disallows making translucent sloped 3D floors, but the case of translucent 3D floors in sloped sectors is not detected in the same way. The issue IIRC is that the engine doesn't sort translucent polygons like it should for making them work reliably when they are sloped, so as a result you get something that works only some of the times.


I'm afraid you'll have to make the water border more "traditional".

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