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Rust Belt

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Hello, I am MannerKing and I introduce to you one of my maps I made recently called rustbelt.wad.




Rust Belt is a medium-sized map that plays like your classic kind of doom maps. You will need keycards to proceed through certain doors are there are monsters for you to fight but I wouldn't say one element is heavier than the other. Rust Belt is not my first map and as a matter of fact I would consider it probably my second or third major map that I have created. I grew up playing Quake and I always liked the gritty and rust filled world of the first Quake. Quake was my major inspiration for this map.





Here are some quick things about my wad that you need to know:


1.) Rust Belt was tested with the latest version GZDoom and it works without any major bugs or crashes.

2.) In terms of Software and Hardware options I use OpenGL-Accelerated for the Hardware Acceleration and Direct3D for the Software Canvas option for GZDoom 3.3.2.

3.) I would recommend that you use free look because one of the weapons has recoil and you will have to control that.

4.) There is no need for jumping or crouching so you won't have to use it unless you just feel like it.

5.) rustbelt.wad uses the Doom 2 IWAD.

6.) rustbelt.wad is reminiscent of Doom 1 in terms of difficulty and layout. You have keycards and some enemies, nothing too new or out of the ordinary.


Rust Belt is definitely not one of my more detailed or advanced works but it is just a sort of small map that is pretty chill. I considered making a megawad based around the Quake theme and making multiple maps but I am not too sure yet. 


Anyways I hope you enjoy my wad, and here are some more pics for you guys.








Download Link: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/p-r/rustbelt

(P.S: Also just a side note, I had a friend of mine play my map with Project Brutality and there were problems with the weapons where PB would not recognize that my map was using custom weapons, he then had to go through my map with just a Chainsaw since none of the custom weapons were spawning. DO NOT PLAY THIS MAP WITH PB UNLESS YOU WANT TO DO A TOTALLY GNARLY CHAINSAW ONLY RUN OF MY MAP.)

Edited by MannerKing

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5 minutes ago, EffinghamHuffnagel said:

Looks interesting, but that last screenshot with 'fog' inside and the clear sky above it does look a little silly.


Is there a link to your wad?


Yeah sorry for not linking my wad, I completely forgot. As for the skybox, I agree it looks off but I didn't really think about adding a custom skybox at the time.


My wad should be linked now in my post.

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