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PSXDoom HQ Sound Effects Project by Triaxis (Trevor0402)

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@Trevor0402 made a preview of the high quality sounds for the monsters, For full explaination I might need to let my him know what the project is about.

What started was to remaster the sound effects of the Playstation port of DOOM (Doom 64 also used the sounds too)


P.S. It seems to be done but need permission in order to release the sounds. Hopefully to remaster what's in the N64 sounds.

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On 6/10/2018 at 7:05 PM, Nevander said:

Not bad but I hear this constant static or distortion sound that's super off putting.


Thanks for the feedback.


I spoke to my brother "Trevor0402" about it, he has been busy with other things, and the project isn't his top priority. However he,ll be able to get back on it once he is done with other busy stuff. He might be able to post here sometime AFAIK.


EDIT : @Nevander I wonder what sounds were having the constant static or the distortion sounds?

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