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Doom 64 Monster Count

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Does anyone have the monster count for Doom 64 on all levels and difficulties? I checked the Doom Wiki and only some of the levels have the count for WMD difficulty. I would like to count up how many times certain monsters are used in the levels so I'm looking for the information. 






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You could always open the maps in Doom Builder 64 and take yourself a gander. Or I could compile a full list sometime in the near future.

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9 minutes ago, KVELLER said:

EDIT: It does: http://doom.wikia.com/wiki/MAP01:_Staging_Area_(Doom_64)



Just a couple levels. The entire monster count for all levels is missing. 

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7 hours ago, amackert said:

I can't remember, but does Doom 64 EX have an option for enemy counts on the map screen?


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