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Issue with Odamex source port.

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Hello.  I got all the Doom games a year or two ago on Steam, and used the Odamex source port for all of them.  I liked Odamex because it is simple - doesn't have a lot of extra features or anything.  Also, the Ultimate Doom was the game that I enjoyed playing the most.


Recently, I've been trying to play the Ultimate Doom again, but every time I launch it through Odamex it launches as Doom 2.  I uninstalled and reinstalled both games in various orders - but I still have the same problem.  Odamex has a very simple installation process, so I don't see a lot that can go wrong.  It hasn't been updated recently, but neither has Doom so I don't see how that would be an issue.  


Can anyone here shed some light on this problem?

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In that case, Odamex cannot find your copy of doom.wad that comes with The Ultimate Doom. I recommend you find and put doom.wad in your odamex folder

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