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A Few Wallpapers From The E3 2018 Trailer

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Posted (edited)

I got these by screen shotting the trailer from YouTube so they aren't the "highest" quality but I figure it will do until something better comes around. Made several attempts to get the Doomslayer holding the SSG before the screen cuts to black but it was too blurry for a decent pic.



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1 hour ago, BluePineapple72 said:

I really love the look of the burning buildings in the background, they really look hellish 

Has a sort of Constantine movie feel to it.


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Ah Constantine. One of the only movies to have an entire character cut out of it. She was in like 15 minutes of the movie too.


Back to the topic...


While I am not a wallpaper person, these wallpapers look great. Good pieces of art.

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