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Adding fog to level with sprite images

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So I managed to create a foggy ground with my own warping texture on multiple 3d floor layers. I also want to create fog above it. Ive tried to look at some sfx especially one called FOG_Generater. But for the life of me I cant get it to show up in GZDoom Builder. How do I go about making one myself. Ive tried reading up on the decorate thing on wiki but dont understand it to well. Im basically wanting to place a fog sprite down that may have a few frames of animation.


Any ideas. Thanks.

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Posted (edited)

If I understand you properly (I may not, but I hope I am), the fog generator you're referring to is that from Realm667. That works based on the values you assign in its arguments, which means it only works while testing in-game.


But! Let's say we didn't want to use that. Fuck that shit, let's make our own fog that we can apply anywhere we please and don't have to write those stupid arguments for.

I'm actually really jovial about this, not sarcastic, because I like writing DECORATE things.

So, lets get started, yes?

I'm going to write up a sample DECORATE actor and explain as much as possible through comments.

actor MyCoolFog 10000 //This number, 10000, is the DoomEdNum, which allows us to place this in the editor. The 10000 makes sure there are no conflicts with existing actors.
 Alpha 0.35 //I forgot to add this at first, but this will make the fog render at 35% opacity, instead of 100%, so it is about 2/3 translucent.
 Radius 32 		//This fog will be 64 units across.
 Height 16 		//It will be 16 units high.
 ProjectilePassHeight -16 		//This is pointless because the fog is unblocking, but this dictates the height at which projectiles can pass over the thing.
 		//If you omit this property, then the actor's height, here 16, would be used.
 -SOLID 		//We obviously don't want our fog to be blocking. You don't have to write this, but I did so you know how to apply flags to actors.
 				//To make this solid, you would write +SOLID instead of -SOLID, which makes it not block the player and monsters.
 //Now let's write the states.
 { 			//You need opening and closing braces for states like anything else you're coding in ACS.
  Spawn: 		//This state is automatically called when the actor is placed and the map begins.
  FOG1 ABCDCB 8 	//This will cause the fog sprites, here FOG1, to cycle across FOG1A0, FOG1B0, FOG1C0, FOG1D0, and back, taking eight tics for each frame.
  loop 			//This is obivous. The state will loop, causing this fog to animate like this perpetually.
 } //In the states, you could append Bright to the end of the FOG1 ABCDCB 8 line to make it full-bright, if you wanted.

Hope that helps.

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Thank you so much. After a tinker and loading in a seperate pk3 with my sprites folder and fog sprites worked a treat. Will be reworking the fog sprites better because they look abit crap at the moment. But seriously thank you so much. I will post a video of it once I set it up.



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