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Mick Gordon obviously...please have Martin Stig also...

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What happend with his  sound design, minimal composition was pure magic in Wolfenstein...


Mick ambiental tracks from 2016 did SOOoo MUCH to the lore for me...just pure magic also obviously...

Its the music especialy  ambiental tracks that took u over and just dive in to the ...maddness of the story.



U know that music is what puts spells all over these games....

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I’ve actually listened to Martin Stig Andersen’s contributions to Wolf2: TNC, and they’re actually really well-done. 


In fact, the more ambient tracks from Stig actually sound like something Aubrey Hodges would have done in his PSX Doom/Doom 64 days, just menacing and foreboding at the same time. 


EDIT: From the official release of TNC’s soundtrack, some examples include “Venus,” “Lothano,” and “Sehnsucht,” which all sound like they came directly from Doom 64. 

Edited by Man of Doom

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U are very correct Man of Doom.


Olivias theme and Samuels were my favorite tracks from 2016...besides Argent d nur, Necropolis and Lazarus waves...and when u hear Mick talking abaut it...it really sounds like a fukn energy...ohh analog.


They should get on this game even more talent then on 2016...thou im not shur thats possible hehe.


I feel embaresed to say this...but there was meny, meny times that i just pick up ambiental tracks and from Doom 2016 and try to imagine all the horror that was explained over the codex long after i played the game abaut 3 times over.If i want it to just feel the story listening to ost really worked...probablly in a bit creepy way.Remember the song Dakhma...what was that all abaut...and why title like that.It somehow blends for me reall human history...pc game with the most horrific concept we can imagine as humans.And just becouse of the tittle.

Also on the original files there was ambiental track for Argent d nur and Necropolis...ahh sooooo dark.


yes TNC ost is inspiring...



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