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Grain of Salt

Which monster do you neglect when mapping?

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Since I've only ever fiddled around with Doom Builder and instead spent nearly the last decade using the Doom 3 editor (as well as Snapmap more recently), I'll answer as it applies to those.


In Snapmap, the Lost Souls are the monsters I neglect most often, since I find them to be the most annoying in the new Doom. They cause an inordinate amount of damage and can blindside the player quite easily.


For Doom 3, it really depends on the level. The Pinkies are the least versatile of the entire bestiary, due to the combination of their size and the fact that they don't have projectile attacks. So I use them less than most enemies, not out of dislike but simply because there's very few situations where they can really be utilized effectively. Other than that, I probably use the Bruiser (from D3xp) the least. 

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