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How much will Doom: Eternal borrow from Doom 2? And how much should they borrow?

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7 minutes ago, Novaseer said:

That quadruple barreled shotgun from ROK that can quadruple itself.

I've always thought the Super Shotgun in D2 should be Quad Barreled, it's always been a little too OP for how little ammo it uses. But to be fair I'm probably too used to it being double barreled now and can't go back. Upgrading the Super in Doom Eternal to have 4 barrels would be interesting though, now that it's a more balanced weapon in Doom 2016.

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On 6/14/2018 at 1:33 PM, Tetzlaff said:

Tricks and Traps

Yes Please

Also Mick Gordon Should Remake Or At Least Sample This Track Cause This Track Is Amazing

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Im Lowkey hoping for elements from official wads for Doom and Doom 2 because they had pretty solid map designs, especially No Rest For The Living.

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I really want to hear Mick Gordon's take on Into Sandy's City. The original (especially Per Kristian's cover) is already a face melter.

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It seems they are going to borrow much of the city feeling. Hopefully it will still be a bit abstract to enable fun that isn't tight corridor shooting but still realistic enough so as not to look silly. Abstract level design worked for DOOM II but would not work for Doom Eternal.

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