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System of a Doom Slayer

The Whitewoods Labyrinth

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This is my first doom WAD, and I'm glad that I'm

able to finally release its first glimpse to Doomworld!

I hope these screenshots can give you an idea of

what I'm making here!


There are no downloads at the moment,

but if you'd like an alpha copy,

I'll be more than happy to share it with you!


Any questions? Ask them in the comments below!

Whitewood's Lab.wad (MAP01) - Doom Builder 6_13_2018 2_06_10 PM.png

Whitewood's Lab.wad (MAP01) - Doom Builder 6_13_2018 2_06_23 PM.png

Whitewood's Lab.wad (MAP01) - Doom Builder 6_13_2018 2_06_32 PM.png

Whitewood's Lab.wad (MAP01) - Doom Builder 6_13_2018 2_06_47 PM.png

Whitewood's Lab.wad (MAP01) - Doom Builder 6_13_2018 2_06_54 PM.png

Whitewood's Lab.wad (MAP01) - Doom Builder 6_13_2018 2_07_05 PM.png

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No downloads = sad panda :(

But screenshots look interesting. You may benefit from becoming acquainted with "lower unpegged" and "upper unpegged." Also, I hate to state the obvious, but there are brown and grey flats for the crates: "cratop1" and "cratop2."



Here's another thread that you might find fitting: [what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.]


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It's good to see that you put a lot of attention to detailing your map, which is pretty impressive, considering it's your first, but a lot of the beauty can get ruined by missalligned textures, so you should work on that.

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The screenshots looking good to me. I don't see any obviously misaligned textures in the screenshots, but Lorenz0 is right, you should be vigilant of them, and fix them when you find them, because they can hurt the aesthetics of a map if they crop up. And misaligned textures can crop up with remarkable ease.


From the screenshots you've shown, the only issues that I have are minor ones.

  • In the fifth screenshot, the red lights on the console of the displays are cut off by the edge. This is a consequence of those features being at an angle and the flat not tiling arbitrarily. It's something everyone has come up against and some people don't mind it. Personally, I like to try to avoid having obvious features like that on a flat (lights, etc.) from being cut off. Some of them have plain flats without the accompanying light feature that can be used either instead of or in concert with the flat that has the light feature. I hope that made sense.
  • On the first and third screenshots, the textures you have on either side of the wall textures are wide enough so that there are vent panels that are cut in half. You can probably address this by making those sections 16 units wider.

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