This is a fork of Chocolate Doom 2.3.0 with some stuff from Crispy Doom.
The name is some kind of a play on words and suits the fork in all senses also stands for Romero's Ultimate Doom Engine and it's another tribute to John Romero. Easy to understand if you know my Romero's Heresy II project for Heretic. :) It's better than my other proposals such as Choco-chewy or QDDoom (Quick N' Dirty Doom) or Doom++ but not to be taken seriously.  It's a strong limit removing port aiming to preserve most bugs in the original executables including rendering bugs while preventing crashes at the same time.
 It's somewhere in the middle between Chocolate Doom and Crispy, this is still mostly Chocolate of course.
 Some features:
 Has support for extended nodes and the autorun key from Crispy.
 The startup console is back (running from the command line is recommended).
 There's a new 'Unholy massacre' skill level (-skill 6 or setup, not in the menu). :D It's not as hard as nightmare but it's a legitimate skill level and apparently it works great. It was the obvious thing to do and i wonder why no one has done it before (AFAIK), it will bring back old memories.
 Heretic compiles and runs also i removed limits (in theory) and has a new 'One thousand deaths await thee' skill level. But you'd need to compile yourselves or just use Crispy.
 There's a windows build here:    Now i'll clarify that this is not your usual source port, it's some kind of re-engineered Crispy and it's about the magic of Git. I've done this in only a few days applying and refactoring Fabian's patches so this is mostly his work, it's like rewriting the history of Crispy. So yes this is Crispy's bastard son. Many times i followed commit history in reverse order since i wanted to minimize changes and preserve many vanilla bugs (also many Crispy features are not in) so i had to resolve a lot of serious conflicts. I'm pretty good at it so it should be fine but there are a few things i'm not completely sure.
 I didn't know what i needed to do to prevent the crashes so i had to do some research in Doomworld and Doomwiki.
 I had to apply the medusa fix or else there were crashes here and there but Medusa was not there, also i think i ever saw her only once and i've been playing since Doom came out.
 Also the SlopeDiv overflow fix or else massive redering errors on big maps. And fix other overflows of course.
 The wiggle (tall sectors) and wall wobble fixes are in as well to prevent crashes.
 Not fixed: HOMs, tutti-frutti, slime trails and most of the other game bugs.
 So in the end most of the merit is of fraggle and fabian and they must be credited for their great work here.
 Have fun! And i hope it won't crash. :)   Edit: UPDATED! The source is here: